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JULY 2024


JULY 2024




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Resource Hub

A Wealth of Information

The aim for this page is to be a source of information for all stakeholders in the criminal justice system. We hope to become the number one resource for up to date prison information and prison related services covering all Australian prisons. We hope to provide the following types of information:

  • A database of all prisons and detention centres in Australia
  • Information about visiting a prison
  • A database of all criminal law solicitors and barristers who wish to be included
  • A database of all charities and other organisations offering advice, support or assistance to currently and formerly incarcerated people and their families
  • Rules and laws relevant to prisons, incarcerated people and their families
  • Prison-related factsheets
  • A guide for newly incarcerated people
  • Answers to frequently asked questions received from incarcerated people
  • Grants available to currently and formerly incarcerated people
  • University degrees available to incarcerated people
  • A glossary of terms used within the criminal justice system
  • Prison journalism initiatives in other countries
Ike Curtis


Please contact the below email if you would like to help develop this page and contribute to its content.

About Time.

A place for news and education, expression and hope.

Help us get About Time off the ground. All donations are tax deductible and will be vital in providing an essential resource for people in prison and their loved ones.

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